Nico DLG in Studio

 Ep. 15 Secret Wars featuring Nicole Renee and Sunnie Ray

Reality of Wrestling Star Gino

Elle Graves models the new NTR shirt

NWO in Studio

Cory DLG and Donnie Utah during Friendsgiving

Cory DLG & Angry Zac during the Heroclix Fight Night

Nico DLG & Ky Lynn during Cadets Con 2017

Joey Savage & Ky Lynn during Cadets Con 2017

The Super Smashing Boys aka Nico DLG & Angry Zac

Joey Savage & Cory DLG watching UFC 200 with the boys

The Savage kids cosplay with the best of them

Nerd Thug Takeover @  AVC Con Shreveport 2017

Reality of Wrestling Star Ivory 

Joey and Sadie Savage during Friendsgiving

Joey Savage in Studio

Cory DLG and Angry Zac gaming during Extra-Life

@Cadets Con 2016 - Cory DLG hanging out with the Texas D20 Girls

Cory DLG in Studio

The Nerds in studio with Donna Wick

Cory DLG & Joey Savage w/ super fan Joie

Austin Gubler VS Joey Savage to crown the 1st Nerd Thug Clix Federation Champion

The Smasher Hatcher puts Cory DLG in a headlock!

Zac Attack met his hero Metalhead

@Cadets Con 2016 - Nico DLG & Sadie Savage

Cosplayer Elle Graves rocking the Nerd Thug Shirt

The Super Smashing Boys

Reality of Wrestling Star Ryan Anderson

@Space City Con 2016 - Nico DLG, Papa DLG, Cory DLG, Mommy Savage, Joey Savage

The homey Elle Graves rocking Street Fighter cosplay

The Savages were caught by the Empire @Houston Comicpalooza 2017

That one night we saw Kurt Angle

Joey & Ally Savage rock Buzzfest 2016

Reality of Wrestling Star Brock Baker

Listener Karisha representing NTR up in Colorado

Cory DLG & Joey Savage at the DLG B-Day Bash 2016

Storm Trooper Zac - AVC Con Shreveport 2017

ORHS Legend Rocc Moore showing his love for Nerd Thug Radio

Joey Savage as the special guest on the Audio Otter Podcast

AVC Con Shreveport 2017: Interview w/ a T-Rex

Sons of Texas

Willy & Ben Savage cosplaying @Houston Comicpalooza 2017

Nerd Thug Radio ventures into D&D

Angry Zac is ready for Clix Fight Night

Joey Savage & Cory DLG during Cadets Con 2017

Donnie Utah, Evelyn Utah, Joey & Ally Savage at the DLG B-Day Bash 2016

The nerds and friends at Space Cadets Gaming Gaming Deadpool Heroclix pre-release event

Nerd Thug Takes Texas

The nerds in studio rocking new Nerd Thug shirts

In studio with James "the Smasher" Hatcher and Vicky DLG.