How Does it work:
The first 4 events will be ROC SQ's. The winners of each event will earn free entry into the final Mega SQ. The finishers 2-8 will qualify for the Mega even at a cost of $25.

​Anyone who played in at least 2 events can buy into the Mega event for $35. 

Toxic City Results

Houston Heroclix Shootout

Winner: Stephen Grubbs

SQ Events:

​Cost: $25

*400pt ROC Age Limited

*No Resources
*No figures larger than a peanut base
*No possession/equip
*No Constructs
*No ID Cards
*No Relics

Format - Swiss rounds cut to Top 8 or 16
Format: 400pt ROC Age Limited (Superman to current set legal; everything in-between except Star Trek ships)
-We are still using the standard Map List for ROC events
-Spells/Traps are NOT legal
-Horde Tokens will NOT be legal

Ban List (if it isn’t listed below and falls in ROC Age, it’s legal):
*Felix Faust
*Zombie Super Skrull
*Resurrection Man
*Juston Seyfert
*Morphing Jar

Ban list subject to change - will be locked in 2 weeks before each event

Winner: Connor Myers

Book Stan Results

All-Star Comics Results

The final event will be a 300pt Mega SQ Qualifier where the winner will receive and automatic entry into the ROC Cup finals. The winner will also be winning a Championship wrestling belt. 

The Winners

Space Cadets Gaming Gaming Results!!!

The Mega Finale is 300pt Modern with no ban List!!! ANYTHING GOES!!!!

Nerd Thug Radio is  proud to announce a great new venture for Texas and the ROC!  Texas has always been hungry for more high-level events and has an extensive list of competitive players as well as being one of the most traveled to states for Clix players across the nation. Well, with the help of the ROC, we can bring a mini-circuit out to Texas to fill the competitive needs of the community.  Starting in June and finishing at the end of September; the Houston Shootout will stop at 4 locations to qualify individuals to fill seats at the Houston Shootout Finals.  This finale will be a grueling 300pt Modern tournament against some of the best players to crown the first ever Houston Shootout Champion. We will be pulling out all the stops at this event, with coverage like never before in Heroclix covered by Nerd Thug Radio.

Winner: Dustin Seeders

June 9th - Space Cadets Gaming Gaming
June 30th - Toxic City Games
August 11th - Book Stan
September 2 - All Star Comics

Finals: September 29th - Space Cadets Gaming Gaming

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