Growing up as cousins and being closer than brothers the 2 nerds grew their love for comics, video games and eventually girls!

Starting back in the spring of 2015 the 2 nerds bounced the idea off of each other of doing a podcast. The idea came from both nerds being class clowns and their friends enjoying their comedic banter every time they were together.

It wasn't until March of 2016 would they get their chance. Cory DLG met 90's rapper Big Yang and he was starting a internet radio station entitled "Money Green Music" DLG secured a timeslot for himself 2 hours a week to deliver whatever kind of content he wanted. He immediately reached out to Joey Savage to help in the endeavor. The 2 nerds enlisted the help of Cory's younger brother Nico to produce the show.

The origins of the show were meant to be the Cory DLG show with Savage and Nico providing additional commentary in a limited role. Once the guys recorded the first episode they quickly realized the show worked and flowed much better with DLG and Savage sharing the air and Nico providing his witty occasional commentary and thus the beginnings of Nerd Thug Radio were launched.

The nerds produced 8 shows on Nerd Thug Radio and as their popularity increased potentially they began getting offers from other internet radio stations. Lone Star Community Radio sought them out and offered them a spot on their station which would move the nerds from their home studio to a professional set up. With the promise of moving to FM radio the nerds made the switch to Lone Star and have been there ever since.

Nerd Thug Radio was originally formed by Cory DLG and Joey Savage way back in 1987.